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We established the Robo Plast Quality Ltd. as a family business in 2017. Our family has been dealing with plastic processing since 1985. We started the plastic injection molding with homo-, copolimers and technical plastic. We were the first company in Hungary who introduced the packaking technique with production of self-developed caps.

We have diverse experience in plastics technologies. Furthermore, our company deals with servicing, installing ,manufactiring of waste recovery machines. We buy these machines and provide with full varranty. In the field of recycling we have 30 years’ experience. We are proficient in the recycling of all types of plastic waste thanks to our own innovation and processing technology .We can handle slewage sludge from waste recovery and water treatment in closed system according to today’s expectations and technology. Our company also deals with original,re-granulated retail and wholesale of ground plastic raw materials.

We work together with MOFÉM, Pintér Művek, Jasz-Plasztik, Orion, Videoton and Electrolux company. We have connection with EREMA (Austria), Pumpkin& S.r.o (Slovakia), Battenfeld-cincinati (Germany), Lindner (Germany) too.

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